Quilt Appraisals

Quilt appraisals by certified appraiser Sara Bradshaw for historical fabrics and other quilted items.

Quilting Expert Sara Bradshaw

Sara has been quilting since the late 1990’s. She began making her own patterns and using improvisational designs almost immediately and is currently making nontraditional and art quilts.

Her quilts have been included in local and national shows since 2000 and have been included in international Art Exhibitions since 2018. While she is grateful to be included in these large shows her focus is still on the process and joy of making original and unique quilts both to display and to use.

She loves to share this joy with others and teaches several classes and lectures to help quilters create.

Historical dating and appraisals

Whether you’ve inherited a family treasure or stumbled upon a hidden gem, let’s unveil the rich history and craftsmanship behind your quilts. Discover the fascinating tales they have to tell and gain a deeper appreciation for these timeless works of art.

Quilting classes

Discover the joy of transforming vibrant fabrics into stunning masterpieces, each stitch a testament to your dedication and artistic expression. Join this welcoming community of quilters and embark on a journey that will ignite your passion for this captivating craft.

quilting class professional quilt maker sara bradshaw


“When my grandmother's quilt collection needed appraisal, Sara's appraisals exceeded my expectations with her expertise and dedication to preserving quilting history.”
Emily R.
“Sara's quilt class was an absolute delight! She broke down complex techniques into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring even novice quilters like myself could create beautiful projects with confidence.”
Joanie C.


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